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About us

About us

Pegarse Technologies Pvt Ltd. is a company formed by a team of passionate and experienced professionals who came together to use technology to create an impact in the lives of millions of Indians by helping them be a part of the growing online commerce space.

The customers who would want to shop from the comfort of their homes would get to see and order from their friendly neighbourhood stores that they have been frequenting to for a long time.

Why Happyshoppings.in?

We are the only one of a kind ecommerce platform in India that connects the customers in a neighbourhood to the merchants in the same neighbourhood. We not only connect you to your friendly grocery stores, but also to wide variety of merchant establishments like the restaurants, electronics store, wholesalers, hardware stores etc.

As a buyer you benefit from enjoying all the offers from these merchants while shopping from the comfort of your home. You are now free from the hassle of driving around looking for the place, looking for a parking, standing in the queue and carrying the heavy bags back home.